Three Surprising Facts about Earrings That you May Not Know!

An earring is a fashion accessory attached to your ear, but you're certainly not committed to wearing earrings only on your lobes! It seems that every millimeter, from the lobe up through the cartilage, can be the perfect canvas for adornment.

Over time, studs and hoops have transformed into climbers, barbells, or huggies but I would love to share some surprising facts about earrings that you may not have known! 

1. Men Have Been Wearing Earrings for Thousands of Years!

Portraits from the 15th century depicted wealthy MEN showing off their fortunes wearing opulent fabrics, and earrings. But it goes back even further! Texts from the Bible include descriptions of warriors being decked out for war donning earrings. 

2. How Many Places on your ears can you Pierce?

Are you ready to guess? If you said 9, you'd be right! Are you ready for the names of all the parts of your ears? Cartilage, Industrial, Rook, Daith, Targus, Snug, Conch, Anti-Targus, and lobe. How you arrange them is up to you!

sterling silver heart stud earrings danny newfeld collection

3. Pirates Wore Earrings for Superstitious Reasons!

Some pirates were convinced that wearing an earring was a type of "talisman". They thought that maybe it would protect them on their voyages. I think it just may have prevented seasickness! 

Over time, we have gradually become more accustomed to seeing earrings on all genders and nearly all ages. Earrings just look great. It's the first accessory that someone sees when they look at your face, which makes them a very vital adornment.

Our 925 sterling silver or 14K gold collections of hoop, stud, and dangle earrings are the perfect fit for every shape of the face, and for every occasion. I believe that jewelry is the perfect spice of life! Which earrings will you be wearing to add some drama?