We are all in this together

There is so much uncertainty now in the world, and although we may not always see it, or feel it, I'm a faithful person with the sincere belief that G-d's protection is real. With extra time on my hands to think, to write, and to create, I wanted to share a few thoughts about how I believe we can make some sense out of the chaos we're living in.  

Community and Kindness

In this time of uncertainty, extending out to our community with random acts of kindness is certain to help us. But how can we do that? With telephones, Skype, WhatsApp, and all the technology we have at our fingertips, it's time to reconnect! Find that friend you've been meaning to connect with, and call. Offer to make/bake or lend a book. We're going to be spending a lot of time indoors in the near future, make the time and effort to reach out to those near and far. 


We all have the choice and options to do what makes us happy. Are there ways for you to be productive in your own home? Is it time to declutter? Is it time to organize your spices? What about just having a glass of tea and "recentering"? Although we live in uncertain times, we are living in historical times (for better or for worse). These can potentially be times to be cherished, it's time to seize the moment (or moments) of tranquility. 

Stretch Your "Real" Muscles

Have a dance party, walk around the block, do some gentle stretches. The point is...move around, it will clear your thoughts. 


Stretch Your Creative Muscles 

Turn off the computer. Listen to music. Learn how to play a musical instrument. Pick up a pencil and write a story (write a blog) or design a new piece of jewelry! 

Use Your Time Well

When you, my community made a special request, to create a faith-based jewelry item, I immediately knew what message I wanted to convey. I believe that God is ultimately our source of ultimate protection, and Psalm 91 is a perfect example of a source of comfort in these times of anxiety and uncertainty. I have created a slip-on bangle and co-ordinating ring for you. A great conversation starter, and an elegant reminder that God is protecting us all.  

Wishing you the best, please stay healthy and let me know how you're managing during this crisis.