Summer Fun. Summer Sun. Summer Wardrobe.

What is the ideal Summer Wardrobe?

My Dear Friends,

Summer in Israel IS HOT. The wonderful sun shines nearly every day in this amazing country. Depending upon where you're situated, the weather can be humid to dry, but no matter what, it's HOT. So when I think of getting dressed during the summer months, my "go-to" wardrobe is easily shorts and a shirt. In the workplace, a great pair of jeans and when I'm out for fun, a fabulous button-down. The great part about my summer wardrobe is the flexibility. I can easily interchange my clothes because my color palette is pretty neutral.

For women's wear, I think a capsule wardrobe is a collection can also be easily achieved!! Think of your well-chosen, essential pieces and accessories that you can wear throughout the season and voila, think neutrals or pastels, and you've created a collection that is versatile and fun.

danny newfeld summer collectionDuring the summer, I love the idea of adding accessories to the capsule collection - especially anklets and toe rings. Open toed shoes and "stockingless" feet just beg to be adorned! Don't leave your ankles all alone!

When I spoke with my design team about toe rings, here were some great questions that came up:

1. Which toe is the most comfortable toe for a toe ring?

If you like it, then you should put a ring on it! Many people find that the most comfortable toe is the second toe (right next to the big toe). We can almost guarantee a comfortable fit on that toe.

2. Should I wear nail polish when I wear a toe ring?

Nail polish + toe rings go together as well as Abbot and Costoelo! So yes, get a pedi slap on a great color and show off that ring!

3. What size is my toe? How do I measure it?

The great part of our toe ring- it's flexible and will fit nearly every toe!

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And if you love toe rings....add a touch to your summer style here!


Hope you're enjoying your summer!