The Magic of the Pearl

My Dear Friends, 

When you think of Pearls....who do you think of?

Do Donna Reed, Barbara Bilingsley & Marilyn Monroe come to mind? Oh the pearls that lovingly graced their necks! Pearls have come a long way baby! Think about the transformation and rejuvenation from just a pearl to a piece of jewelry!

How does a Pearl Become a Pearl?

Let's start with the formation of pearls and then I think you'll be amazed at this amazing transformation!  Pearls come from a variety of sea animals - oysters, mussels or clams. When an irritant is (unintentionally) or as in cultured pearls, INTENTIONALLY placed within the mollusk, a fluid is secreted and layers and layers of that coating creating the lustrous pearl. Would you believe that the beauty of pearls was discovered at least 4000 years ago? And since then, we've worn pearls everywhere - from head to toe! While you may think of pearls as strictly "necklace worthy"....pearls have come a long way baby! 


Find your favorite pearl, anywhere! You're not limited to a necklace, or a pearl solitaire! Silver and gold are great ways to highlight those gorgeous pearls! Don't let June Cleaver be the only stylish example of a stunning stone!  Different water conditions, differing weather patterns and different irritants can cause pearls to be produced in different hues. And can probably find pearls come in nearly every color of the rainbow!!  And if you're interested in other interesting pearl's a collection of some very unique ones! 

accessories with pearls


Pearls aren't just to go around your neck anymore! From the tip of your toes (and everywhere in between) pearls of all shapes and sizes will make you a stand out! (And I challenge you to stand up, until you have to sit down after wearing these heels!) While I can't attest to the comfort of these shoes, they are stunning!!

Are pearls limited to fingers, toes, and neck? No way!! Why should pearls be limited to jewelry locations! Let's add those glam shoes....let's add pearl belts....and think about your face - not just your ears! Headbands? Why not? Get those gems of the sea in places where they can be seen! Pearls look awesomely in place surrounding the lenses and even on the arms of these sunglasses! 

I love pearls and I think that pearls can be so much more than just a strand! I love them mixed with 925 sterling silver and 14K gold jewelry. And I absolutely love them with floral accents! 

danny newfeld collection pearl link bracelet

 When it came time to choose our MSV for July, I knew that I wanted a pearl bracelet that captured a modern and elegant translation of the traditional string of pearls! If you love co-ordinating pieces, here's a great matching necklace too! you know!! The magic of pearls....a gorgeous, timeless and classic accessory to your jewelry wardrobe!

Let me know how you "glam-up" your pearls!