What Types of Jewelry Looks Good on a Webcam?

My Dear Friends,

Have you been on a webcam lately? As the worldwide pandemic is keeping us at home, I find myself, my kids, my family and my friends spending lots of times on webcams! In fact, I recently heard that there is worldwide shortage of web cameras!

During the school year, online classes for my sons were regularly held on Zoom. I've been on the air with QVC via Skype and with my in-laws living overseas and my parents in a high-risk category, connecting on ZOOM was the best way to really see each other! 

So, I asked myself, if you're going to make effort to get your hair coiffed, and your makeup applied to be ready for your virtual chat, what are some tips for looking your best while on a webcam? So...I decided to give it some thought....and here we are:  

qvc danny newfeld jewelry collectionHere are some tips for making you look THE BEST on a webcam!

1.Dress comfortably!

I think that first and foremost, you need to dress comfortably! As a jewelry presenter on QVC I always wear a tailored suit so that I appear professional and polished. But knowing that when I'm on a web call and that only my torso appears, I make sure I'm ready from the waist up. I find that sticking to solid colors, and avoiding black, is the best way for the camera to pick up all the hues without you looking shapeless. 

2. Put your camera at eye level

You want to make the conversation really feel like a conversation! If you need, add books, puzzles or even your toaster to make the camera the right height so you feel engaged in the conversation!

danny newfeld sterling silver earrings and necklace

3. Accessorize

Although jangly and and noisy jewelry may be distracting, a bold, gorgeous necklace and hoop earrings are perfect for this role. Contrasting with your solid color wardrobe choice, they will look so good on camera! And, if you find that you talk with your hands, make sure your nails are polished and your rings are shiny! 

4. Check your light & sound

You don't need special equipment! Just make sure you have ample light, and if you have a headphone microphone, use it, so no ambient sounds can be heard.

Now you're ready for your next webcam conversation! 

Do you make the effort to get dressed for an webcam chat? I would like to know!