My Three Sons

My Dear Friends,

My three sons are the source of tremendous pride; through my boys, I reveal a bit of my inner child. Through their eyes I remember many of my own childhood experiences. From bedtimes to running errands. From late night feedings to take-out, I am grateful for each and every experience with these young children who are growing up to be fabulous young men. I feel very connected to my sons and we enjoy many activities together - from basketball to math homework. (Ok, quick reveal, math homework is hard!!)

Danny Newfeld Collection and three sons


With Father's Day on the horizon, I've become a bit introspective and would like to share, with you, a brief, "how I got here" moment. 

If you've read my blogs, you've heard me talk about my fabulous kids, but I've never really spoken about my divorce. Before, during and after, it was my kids that made me smile, and through them, I made a concerted effort to be present - emotionally and physically. It was the importance of knowing that even though our nuclear family dynamic had changed, as their dad, I vowed to stay ever-present in their lives. 

father's day sterling silver danny newfeld collection

With the launch of the Danny Newfeld Collection, I asked my own father for his blessing to pursue my dream. He made me give him my assurance that I would produce the highest quality jewelry collection and provide the highest quality customer service. So I began to create the collection of 925 sterling silver jewelry.  But, I that didn't mean that I have forgotten about the men who need a bit of bling in their lives too!  As a jewelry designer, the majority of my collection is designed for women and now is the time for our Men's Collection to be revealed!!

I Invite you to check out our new Men's Collection! We've got a great selection of bracelets, rings and necklaces that are perfectly proportioned, bold and unique! In fact, I think that some of our pieces can be equally enjoyed by men and women!

danny newfeld sterling silver men's jewelry collection 

Dad, I hope i'm fulfilling my promise to you!

To all the Dads out there....Happy Father's Day!