The Light at the End of the Tunnel

My Dear Friends,

We are going through difficult times. Without a doubt, we are living in an historical era, times of change, times of stress, times of courage and times that test our faith. Israel is slowly emerging out of the cocoon from the pandemic. Schools and business establishments are reopening, the beaches and restaurants and full. And while I understand that we need our economy to return, it is scary to wonder if we've started too soon; which could unfortunately mean that we could be ordered to return to the previous state of lock down.

Over the weekend, I read the news about the civil unrest in the United States. My heart is breaking for the gravity of the entire situation; so many victims, so much damage caused to properties, so many lives lost. Here's what I hope outcome that restores personal freedom, health, safety and security to each and every individual. 

It's the beginning of June and June is known to be a month of renewal, and time of restart. Summer weather, school year coming to a close, cherries in bloom, the summer solstice. Did you know: the name JUNE comes from the word "JUVENIS" which means youth and rejuvenation?  I'm optimistic that June will be a wonderful month!

white topaz and sterling silver spinner ring

I recognize that while I'm the source of healthy optimism, I also believe that - even though we can't control the chaos - we have the power to control our reactions to it. The power to quell our anxiety, worries and greatest fears. For me, I love being outdoors and find that exercise is my way to clear my head and help me focus. For this reason, I chose our 14K Gold White Topaz Spinner Ring as our Monthly Special Value.  My most favorite category in our collection is our spinner rings.  Had a tough day? The spinning motion is symbolic of a fresh start for tomorrow. Stressed about an upcoming meeting? Use the repetitive motion to help control your breathing and get centered. Our community of customers has shared with us that they love the spinning motion. They love the way the gentle movement helps them fidget, focus and relax;  

How do you control your anxiety? How do you relax? I would love to know!