From Trash to Treasure The Beauty of Roman Glass

I. Love. Roman. Glass. But do you know why? Let's travel back in history....Did you know: Over 2000 years ago, the Romans were known as expert glassblowers? Blowing vessels, jugs, pots, oil jars, perfume bottles, you name it....and they were able to create it, use it, and enjoy it. Over time, people may have moved, the glass may have broken, but they left it!! As the famous saying goes...." one person's another person's treasure!"

 What colors are the pieces that are found at excavation sites? 

Add some sand, add some time and the aging process begins. Contaminants - both natural and manufactured, in combination with the environment produce vibrant luster and speckling in place of the original single - and CLEAR color (could have been hues of green or blue). Over time, these colors change, and the amazing greens, blues, purples, and reds result.

Due to the temperate climate and ongoing excavation taking place all over Israel, and other areas along the Mediterranean, Roman Glass has been uncovered.  The climate, sun sand, and water have been kind to Roman Glass. The unearthed pieces are beautiful to behold in shades ranging from silver to yellow and everything in between. 

Roman Glass Jewelry Danny Newfeld Collection

So, is Roman Glass really historical? How is it made into my ring? 

When Roman Glass is discovered in its entirety, it is often sent to a museum.  More often than not, shards (of all different sizes) are found and it is through the talent and the skilled craftsmanship of our artisans that we can harvest these small pieces. Each section of Roman Glass is handcrafted to create beautiful works of art. No two pieces are alike. Not sure if what you're buying is the real deal? Real Roman Glass comes with a "Certificate of Authenticity."

Over time, we have noticed that Roman Glass is a finite resource; and soon we will not be able to add it to our jewelry. But have no fear....while Roman Glass may be disappearing from the landscape, we can wear and admire its beauty for years to come! 

How do I take care of my treasure?

P.S. Did you know: due to the delicate process of layering the Roman glass, it is highly advised to avoid contact with water, chemicals, perfume. When you wear Roman Glass you're wearing a piece of history!