Stay in the Loop with Your Hoop


I am passionate about designing and creating jewelry. I'm often asked about what my favorite jewelry is to create, and that's a really hard question! I love the ability to create rings that are intricate, I love to create necklaces and pendants that flow. I love designing bracelets to accentuate the hands. But what is it about earrings that makes them so appealing, intriguing and the most popular jewelry option? I think it's because it's the FIRST thing you notice when making eye contact. So, if earrings are part of the first impression that you want to make - then I'm going to design them to make the best first impression!!

Danny Newfeld Jewelry Open Heart Charm Hoop Earrings

Earrings are such an important accessory! They can add beauty and elegance, they can enhance a great haircut and give balance and symmetry to your face!


If you go back through the annals of time, there is some evidence to suggest that Earrings were once a MALE jewelry choice! It was a status symbol and the more expensive the precious metals and stones were, the higher the social status. 


Let's start with fit - no matter what your facial shape, no matter the length or width of your fingers, neck or wrists - ONE SIZE FITS ALL! Because of this, earrings are easy for gift-giving. Here's something else - unlike bangles or necklaces which can get in the way of some daily activities, earrings stay up and away, making them a versatile piece of jewelry regardless of your lifestyle

Sterling Silver Twist Textured Gemstone Hoop Earrings


So many options? Let's find some ways to narrow down the choice. You could opt to choose the earrings based on your hair length!! Have short hair? Then any pair will be showcased! Long hair? Opt for something bold to make the earrings stand out - and always choose sparkle! Are you petite? Then choose an earring in proportion to the space between your ear and shoulder. Love Romance or Drama? Choose earrings with gemstones and angular designs, like our inside outside geometric hoops - perfect for a night out or a night in! 

Danny Newfeld Jewelry-Earrings collection 


It's great to add gemstones to a hoop, BUT instead of just having the gorgeous cubic-zirconia gemstones on the outside of the hoop, now, you'll get the sparkling gemstones on both the inside and the outside of the hoop!! How do you take a classic hoop and give it an upgrade? Easy - let's take the signature round hoop, and add some geometric detail to it! Choose a square, diamond or a "straight from the runway" octagon shape! 

The right pair of earrings will complete your look and I think that you're going to love our "inside-out" hoop earrings! No mater how you look at them, you'll looking at a glamorous pair! 


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